How to buy the first pack on Trust Investing

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How to buy the first pack on Trust Investing

Have you decided to buy the first pack on Trust Investing? In this guide I show you the steps to take using CoinPayments. If you are not yet registered you will find the instructions.

The site does not directly accept dollars, but a cryptocurrency called tether (usdt). Tether is a cryptocurrency that copies the value of the dollar, so unlike other cryptocurrencies (such as bitcoin) it is much more stable since the usdt (tether) - usd (US dollar) exchange always remains the same.

There are three ways to buy a package on Trust Investing:
1. From available balance, which is the fund where the accrued interest goes.
2. Create an account on CoinPayments, an exchange site between real money and cryptocurrency
3. Use a wallet as I explain here. The wallet is a digital and personal wallet in which cryptocurrencies are stored. Each wallet has an address single (like the one in our house) which is a very long word of letters and numbers. By knowing the address of a wallet, cryptocurrency can be sent to that wallet. Likewise, if we give our address to someone, we can receive money from them).

This guide shows the method 2. For the method 3, you can use different wallets, I recommend Conio (here the guide) and Coinbase.

For subscribing on Coinpayments
a photo on the front and a photo on the back of the identity document (or driving license or passport)
Residence certificate (see below on how to obtain it)

The minimum investment package is 15 dollars, so anyone can invest on this platform.
During registration, CoinPayments will ask you for a document and a face scan to verify your identity. This is perfectly normal and indeed certifies its reliability, so you must use real data.
I understand that there are a lot of information and I will try to explain myself better in the course of the guide.
coinpayments registration page
Log in to the site Proceed by filling in the usual fields (username, name, surname, email, password).

At this point go to your email (also check your junk mail) and click on the link that CoinPayments sends you. Once verified, the email can be accessed on the site.

ATTENTION: at every access Coinpayments sends you a code on your email which is necessary to complete the login. Enter it in the Code field and proceed

On the page that appears, click on portfolio and then again on portfolio. If everything went well you should find a page similar to the one you have alongside. Click on Purchase Coins.

CoinPayments will now tell you that you must first verify your identity with a document. This is perfectly normal and is to avoid fraud and increase security. You will need a document on the front and back (I used my driver's license), a camera and proof of residence.

For the residency certification I used this site which created the form you see on the side for me and which I then signed and uploaded to coinpayments.

Once your identity is verified, you can proceed with the purchase of the cryptocurrency. Go to purchase coins and then to Purchase coins now. At this point enter all the details of your card and the amount of the amount to invest (I recommend a few dollars more to cover the commissions).

The minimum purchase threshold is around 25 Euros. If your pack is 15 tether, then a part of the cryptocurrency will remain in your exchange and you can use it later.

Once you have made the purchase it will take some time for you to see them in your wallet (5 to 10 minutes). This waiting time is very normal (it is precisely how cryptocurrencies work).

When you see the bitcoins purchased on CoinPayments, you have finally completed the procedure. We are therefore finally ready to buy the first pack on Trustinvesting. In your profile click on the left Paquete and choose your package. Then select Coinpayments and finally Procesar pago

In the screen that opens to you check Use my currency balance for this order and click on the bitcoin symbol. Finally, go to Complete Checkout.

If everything went well, you should have the package you bought after a few minutes in your information on Paquete actual.

And now?
Now it is necessary to wait 48 hours before the money generates a profit.

For example, I bought the first pack on Thursday. My investment started to pay off on Monday (Thursday and Friday are counted as working days because Saturday and Sunday markets are closed and there is no income).

I know that buying the first pack on Trust Investing takes a while. However, it is true that this procedure only needs to be done once. I have tried to be as clear as possible. If you have any questions feel free to write below in the comments.