About the Company

We are a company specialized in cryptoasset management.

We operate in the most daring markets, with possibilities of greater liquidity, offering our partners the opportunity to be part of this innovative world.

OUR MISSION: To make the financial market a practical channel for people to invest and to become partners of our Benefits Club.

OUR VISION: To generate extra income for a larger number of people, through a financial market trading partnership.

OUR VALUES: To work with transparency, reliability and truthfulness, aiming to collaborate with the development of humanity.

It all started when some Brazilian immigrants arrived in Spain in search of their dreams.

In 2012, Diorge Roberto, who is the father of Diego Chaves, met Fabiano Lima. Then Diorge presented Fabiano with the business model based on marketing network and with this, Fabiano Lima aroused interest in this sector, compared to traditional businesses.

From this moment on, they created several business networks together in different projects, experiencing successes and also many descriptions due to the problems of the companies in which they participated.

So, in 2015 they started to analyze the trading market for different financial market assets. It was from this year that they began to carry out operations in the cryptocurrency market and began to define what could be a trading platform where they had affiliates to share the knowledge acquired and fundamentally be sustainable and help everyone who worked together on the network, where today has reached more than 30 countries.

The dream that started 4 years ago was realized on 2019/05/07 with the inauguration of Trust Investing.

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