Trust Investing. What is it and how does it work?

Trust Investing - Specialized in the management of financial investments, based on real operations of Forex, Trading and Arbitration in cryptocurrencies, following Network Marketing as a business model.

Trust Investing. What is it and how does it work?

Trust Investing (TI) is a company legally registered in Panama, with the name of TRUCRYPTO.SA and has its facilities at Sortis Business 3000 Tower Offices, Floor 14, Calle 56 y 57 Este, Obarrio, specialized in the management of financial investments, based on real operations of Forex, Trading and Arbitration in cryptocurrencies, following Network Marketing as a business model.
TRUCRYPTO.SA is formed as a Sociedad Anónima S.A. with company number 155681488. This company was created in June 2019 and Trust Investing appeared a month later, in July of that same year. "The leaders of the company verified the sustainability of the project for 2 years with private capital and by having a success maintained during that time so they decided to launch it to the market, that is to say that it is not improvised."
Some media classify Trust Investing as a Forex and cryptocurrency broker of a site that they do not mention, and that may lead us to think that it is an unregulated Broker. However, TI is a capital investment manager and one of its many parts is dedicated to specialized Brokers, but it is NOT specifically a Broker, but part of the capital is intended for them.

Why does Trust Investing not reveal the identity of its traders?
"A professional trader usually has a background in economics (Economics, Administration, Accounting) and knowledge not only in finance, but also in mathematics and statistics. Traders must have a highly developed level of cold mind and rationality so as not to fall into temptations or market panics. A good trader should not be swayed by emotional feelings, as this can mean heavy losses. It is one of the most difficult skills to control and at the same time one of the most important to succeed. Professional traders working for Trust Investing move millions of dollars from Affiliates under a legal capital protection contract, are ordinary human beings, vulnerable in society to any attack that may come from market rivals, coercion of governments for political reasons or any malicious being who disagrees with our project. The best way to avoid any harm or prejudice from any cause is to remain anonymous. This ensures that they are not the target of a rival attack. It is a simple but smart and effective strategy. Thus, the professional only has to worry about studying the market and his work, to generate higher returns, and not for his own personal safety. They will never be revealed to the public nor will they appear in a world Top or Ranking list."

The website is extremely simple and easy to use, I would say that it is something they have to work on (according to the latest information they are planning to launch a new backoffice in August).

What is the company's first form of payment?

The main profits consist of the profitability obtained by professional traders (they move the money invested in various markets) who work for the company and you are paid daily with about 20% per month of the package purchased until you reimburse 200%. This% varies according to the real profits obtained and in the year of the company's life it has ranged between 16.6 and 24.7%. It is similar to a “fixed-term deposit in the bank” where you put your money and charge monthly interest. This form of payment is independent of the Team Formation. TI ensures real earnings between 0.1 and 5% based on the investment made by each affiliate, always from Monday to Friday, business days, because the company works in Forex. In short: the company gathers the capital contributed by the affiliates and makes them available to professional traders through a legal contract. That money is distributed to invest in different markets . At the end of the day the company receives the profits for the investments made by the traders and distributes a% or daily quota to each investor. It also sets aside a portion of those profits for a financial cushion. In case of not having obtained profits, it ensures the payment to the affiliates thanks to the accumulated history of the financial buffer.

What investment plans does Trust Investing offer?

Trust Investing makes available to its affiliates a set of investment plans ranging from $ 15 to $ 100,000.
These investment plans are divided into three fundamental classes:

The Prime class contains $ 15, 30, 60, 100, 200 plans.

The Select class contains the plans of 300, 500, 1000 and 2000 dollars.

And the Black class contains the $ 5,000, $ 10,000, $ 20,000, $ 50,000, and $ 100,000 plans.
Each investment plan has a name, a value, a final return, and a daily limit or binary ceiling.

To exemplify what has been said previously, I will take as reference the minor plan and the major plan.The smallest plan offered by the company is called Star, its value is $ 15, it has a final return of $ 30 and its daily limit or binary ceiling is $ 15.
The biggest plan is called Eleven Stars, it has a value of $ 100,000, a final return of $ 200,000, and a binary ceiling of $ 10,000.

The final return is always double the value of the plan, as the company agrees to double the investment of its affiliates through the actions of trading; that is, to reach 200% of the invested capital.

What are Compensation Plans?

They constitute the second, third and fourth form of payment for the company. Your participation in them is optional, it is designed for those entrepreneurs who wish to obtain more than the 20% per month offered by the first form of payment, that is, the earnings from trading. Allow your earnings to grow faster by inviting friends and acquaintances to join the company. It is the formation of a team of investors with you. It is based on the successful business model of Network Marketing.

How does the Direct Indication Bonus work?

The Direct Indication Bonus is the second form of payment for the company. It is a way within the company's marketing plan to incentivize Team builders. It consists of receiving 10% of the amount invested by each Direct Referral when acquiring an investment plan.

How does our Binary Bonus work?

The Binary Bonus within the company's marketing plan is a way to encourage Team Building and the third form of payment for the company. Each affiliate has the possibility to form two teams: one on his right and one on his left. To activate the Binary Bonus, it is necessary for the Team Builder to have two direct referrals, one for each side as distributors. A distributor is a person who has invested, that is, who has an investment plan active. The Team Builder is recommended to have one strong side or leg and the other weak or working side or leg. That is, it will have one side with distributors with large investments (or several small investments that add up to a greater number of points) and another side where it has fewer points. Thus, every time you invite someone for their weak leg, they will receive 10% of the total invested by the new distributor. When this payment is made, the total amount invested by the new distributor is subtracted from the total points that the strong leg has. The payment of the Binary Bonus is made only once a day with 10% of the total points of the minor leg and once paid, that weak leg stays at 0 points. The day that no one joins your team you will not receive a Binary Bonus.

Within the Trust Investing marketing plan, a bonus incentive is provided for those large investors and team builders through career plans, fourth form of payment for the company.

The career plan consists of 7 graduations that, from highest to lowest, would be: Team Leader, Manager, Regional Director, National Director, International Director, Continental Director and Global Director. Each of these graduations have their requirements that can be consulted in the Company's Information Dossier, and they subsidize monthly between $ 100 and $ 150,000.

Withdrawals at Trust Investing.

In Trust Investing there are two independent accounting balances for each affiliate, one is related to the performance of investment packages for the company's trading shares and the other, for team formation.

In the accounting balance for trading shares, each investment package acquired is accounted for independently in 30-day terms; This means that the accumulated balance for the performance of each package is released and is available to withdraw every 30 calendar days, counted from its acquisition.

On the other hand, the accounting balance for team building, which implies the bonus for Quick Start and the Binary, are released after they are acquired and go to the available to withdraw immediately.

The company does not set a withdrawal maximum and the minimum is one dollar. A 5% fee or commission is applied to each withdrawal requested.

If you have decided to open an account in Trust Investing you should know that it can only be accessed with the invitation of a member who is already inside.